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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and maintaining financial transactions, verifying the integrity of financial data, and updating financial statements regularly. Bookkeepers ensure accounts are current and accurate, using specialized accounting software and other tools to track and manage data. As a Bookkeeper we do as much as managing all the income, expenses, payroll, and all the filings that come with that or as little as simply recording income and expenses.

There are many risks in running a business. Going out of business is simply a result of the mismanaging of those risks. Minimizing your liability risks associated with your income and payroll tax, and maximizing operational efficiency with automation in the integration of all your software are just a few ways a good bookkeeper will help you in your successful business venture.

Accounts Payable Services (Bill-Pay)

Do you have a pile of bills that you find it hard to take the time to actually pay them all? Let us handle paying vendors on your behalf. You’ll have access to each invoice received and the ability to approve or reject them so you know exactly what is being paid. We believe in complete transparency. It’s nice to not worry about a surprise bill and that’s just what you won’t get from us. The cost of checks and postage is all included in your small monthly rate.

Accounts Receivable Services (Deposits and Collections)

Remembering to send out invoices and do follow-ups can be one of the most time-consuming parts of running your business. We’ll help you find and utilize the best software to help alleviate that pain point. If needed, we’ll send out invoices to your customers as many times as needed. We want to see you get paid.
Cash flow is one of the most crucial things for a closely held business. Utilize our mailing location and we can receive checks on your behalf and deposit them at any bank. You’ll never have checks lying around on your desk again!

Payroll Services

You didn’t get into business to spend time running payroll. Let us take that off your plate with Full-Service Payroll. Included in this service is direct deposit for all your employees and contractors as well as a personal HR Advisor.
Recording employee’s time is made easy with our time-tracking software. You can manage schedules, time-off requests, and approve timesheets from your web browser or even on the go from your phone. Completely integrated with QuickBooks Accounting Software job costing will be a breeze and even more accurate when you import employee’s hours for clients.
Ask about our Payroll Guarantees! 

Human Resources

Wrapping your head around all the various laws that govern handling employees is a full-time job in itself. Relieve yourself of that headache when you use Hammond Inc. Payroll and get your business an HR Advisor.

CFO / Advisory Services

Your CFO will utilize your bookkeeping to analyze the various financial aspects of running your business and assist you in making sound business decisions based on that hard data. It’s the more personal aspect that involves more communication to allow us to understand how your business truly functions.
You can’t change how the economy is affecting your industry, but you can how much of an effect the economy has on your business. A business is far more likely to succeed past the 5-year mark when they have a professional advisor to openly communicate with.

Start-Up Support

You’re brave enough to decide to go into business for yourself. You don’t have to go at it alone though. Hammond Inc. Start-Up Support will guide you every step of the way from picking your business name and filing with the Secretary of State to hiring your first employee.

Tax Preparation

One of the best parts about Hammond Inc. being full service is that full service includes we can process your personal and business tax returns. Monthly bookkeeping clients get steep discounts on tax returns. In some situations, we can even price it into your monthly bookkeeping if we know ahead of time to spread out the cost.

We believe in spreading the love so your employees can enjoy a nice discount from us as well. People usually find that their return is significantly better and they enjoy the in-person experience over doing their taxes online

Expense and Receipt Management

Sick of that box of receipts? Have employees that you need to reimburse for purchases or clients you bill expenses to? Included with our Enhanced and CFO Services you and your employees all get Expense and receipt management. An easy-to-use app that all you do is snap a picture of the receipt and upload it. You can even attach it to your timecard and everything will sync seamlessly with QuickBooks.

Estate Services

Losing a loved one is hard enough, never mind having to deal with all the financial affairs and distributing assets among several other family members. Let Hammond Inc handle all the affairs with your loved one’s estate with complete transparency so that there is no room for a family dispute.

Notary Public Services

Nowadays the only place you can find a notary public is at a bank or a random person that does it on the side for a fee. Any Hammond Inc client can have paperwork they need notarized for free.

Document Storage

Document storage can actually turn out to be quite costly. Not being able to find documents when you need them most can be just as costly. We keep electronic copies of all receipts, invoices, and other documents we need to use for you and can provide them to you. Many of these documents are readily available in your client portal. Don’t let a filing mistake cost your business thousands!

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